One of the main values ​​of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" is its employees, their knowledge, creativity and predisposition to the overall goals of the enterprise. In pharmaceutical activity, a lot depends on teamwork, that's why the company employs a team of professionals who are sincerely devoted to their cause, people united by one idea - improvement and development of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT".

To date, the staff of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" is 334 employees. In the general structure of the company 132 employees are qualified specialists with pharmaceutical and other higher profile education - pharmacists, chemists, engineers, technologists, environmental engineers, biotechnologists, mechanical engineers, economists, marketers, quality management specialists.

Personnel development is one of the most important conditions for the successful operation of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT". This is especially true today, when with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress faster than ever growing professional knowledge and skills. The suitability of personnel for the needs of the enterprise positively affects the results of its activities.

Benefits received by PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" as a result of training and development of the company's personnel:
- Increasing the effectiveness of the company as a whole;
- Increasing the efficiency of the company's employees;
- the output of interaction between employees to a higher level;
- improvement of the enterprise motivation system;
- development of staff's ability to meet the current and future needs of the enterprise;
- increase in staff loyalty to the enterprise.