PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" was founded in 1923 and is one of the first pharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine. Having a large production potential and applying a new approach to the organization of production and commercial activities, we create real benefits and opportunities for consumers and partners.

Benefits and opportunities for consumers are high - quality and affordable medicines.
All manufactured products are certified Certificates of compliance with the conditions of production of medicines to the requirements of good manufacturing practices GMP.At the enterprise there is an active modernization of production. A new capsule production line has been built; the shop for the production of liquid dosage forms has been completely renovated, and a workshop for the production of soft medicinal forms has been built.

Benefits and opportunities for partners - are the provision of quality services and active promotional activities.
In the nearest plans of the plant is the development of new pharmacotherapeutic groups and a significant expansion of the assortment. The program of preparation and active activity of Regional managers (managers on work with key clients) in all large cities of Ukraine is working.The concept of strategic management of the brand promotion is developed, including a series of specific commercial projects, proposals and programs of joint activities with distributors, pharmacies and healthcare institutions.