Currently, the PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" is a modern plant that received the Certificate of compliance of the conditions of production of medicines with the requirements of good manufacturing practices of GMP.


The total area of ​​industrial premises is 4757 m2.

The PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" in its structure has three main production workshops:
- shop number 1 for the production of soft medicines (ointments, gels, liniments) - 4 sites;
- shop number 2 for the production of solid medicines (tablets, capsules) - 4 sites;
- shop number 3 for the production of liquid medicines (solutions, tinctures, syrups).

Today we produce more than 140 items of drugs, among which there are well-known drugs, as well as drugs that are actively developing:
- tablets - Diclofenac, Activated carbon, Citramon-M, Piroxicam, Sondox®, Reagonongon®, Amkesol, Evkafilipt®;
- capsules - Gripomed®, Phytosed®, Ravisol®, Corlex, Klimapin®, Heliscan®, Sorbimax;
- tinctures - Phytosed®, Phytodent®, Ugreen®, Eucalyptus, Climapine®, Heliscan®;
- solutions - Iodine, Chlorhexidine-KR, Exopolic, Aqua Spray;
- ointments - Levosin, Metrolavin;
- Gels - Diclofenac, Troxerutin, Algosan®, Prozestin-KR®;
- Sprays - Evkafilipt® Plus and Evkafilipt® Plus with Thymol.

All technological processes are conducted by experienced employees on modern equipment and are controlled by a quality control laboratory that is certified by the State Service for Medicines and Medical Products of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the right to control the quality and safety of medicines. A quality assurance and control system has been implemented at all stages of production.

A special place is given to phytopreparations, which found their consumers thanks to a combination of efficiency and safety. In their production is used tested environmentally friendly raw materials.

In addition to medicines, PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" produces dietary supplements and medical cosmetics.