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The management of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" is guided by the Policy in the field of quality assurance in relations with consumers and suppliers, supports all activities aimed at implementing this policy.

Quality assurance is the main task of the management of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" and requires the participation and responsibility of the personnel of various divisions of the enterprise at all levels, as well as suppliers and distributors. The company has developed a quality assurance system that includes good manufacturing practice and, consequently, quality control. The quality system is fully documented, and efficiency is monitored.

In the field of quality assurance, PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" sets itself the following tasks:
- continuous improvement of the quality assurance system;
- satisfaction of customers' requests by improving the quality and expanding the range of products while preserving the competitive cost of products;
- continuous improvement of the level of personnel's knowledge in the field of quality assurance;
- the decision of personnel and social questions;
- purchase of high-quality raw materials and auxiliary materials;
- rational use of raw materials and materials through the reduction of cost norms and the improvement of technologies.

At the enterprise of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" the laboratory of the quality control department is certified by the State Service of Medicines and Medical Products of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the right to control the quality and safety of medicines.


Quality control includes the selection, specification and study of samples, as well as the organization, execution of the necessary documentation and acceptance and rejection procedures, the results of which ensure that all necessary studies are conducted, and the raw materials, p / f and finished products are not allowed to use, sell or Supply until their quality is found to be satisfactory. Each series of finished products is accompanied by a certificate of quality, which is a certain guarantee of its good quality.

The quality of research conducted in the laboratory of the quality control department is determined by a set of factors covering all aspects of its activities:
- work organization;- sampling, storage and transportation of samples;
- availability and quality of research methods, measuring instruments, material and technical equipment, evaluation of the significance of the results obtained;
- conducting intralaboratory quality control, etc.

The quality management system determines the policy of the quality control department in the field of product quality, in the field of activity, in the field of the quality assurance system procedure (including competence of personnel, instruments and equipment, materials and reagents, reference materials, documentation system, testing).

Based on many years of experience in the field of medicinal products, constantly improving the technological processes, we combine the experience of the past and the advanced technologies of the present to ensure the high quality of our products.